DDK Club Rules and Constitution

1 Club Name

The Club shall be known as Die Deutschen Klassiker to be abbreviated to DDK and hereafter referred to as DDK

2 Aims

- To promote and encourage interest in Classic Porsche and the Marque.
- To provide facilities for members to purchase parts and relevant products/services at discounts locally and nationally.
- To encourage contact with other Porsche Clubs and Classic Car Clubs.
- To stimulate public interest in DDK

3 Memebership and Subscription

Membership shall be open to all individuals on payment of an annual fee, subject to approval by the Committee. The annual renewal date will fall one calendar year after initial membership is approved and then once a year thereafter. Membership fees will be reviewed at the A.G.M. The Committee can decide to increase or reduce the fees at its discretion. The Committee has the right to accept or refuse any application for membership or renewal.

4 Meetings

The Annual General Meeting shall be held annually in April, timed to allow the Treasurer to complete as much as possible of the Accounts prior to the AGM (see 5 Financial Year, below). It will be open to any member who has written to confirm that he/she wishes to attend. Otherwise matters arising from members will be dealt with by discussion of questions and comments which are submitted by phone, email or written and received by March 31st.

Special General Meetings or other meetings shall be held as decided by Officers of the Committee or at the request of Members, subject to not less than 28 days notice, or in an emergency (as recognised by the Officers) not less than 7 days notice. The Officers of the Committee shall meet as required for them to carry out their duties, and subject to their complying with the required Quorum.

5 Financial Year

The Financial Year of DDK shall end on the 31st March of each year in order that the Treasurer may provide a Statement of Accounts for presentation and approval at the A.G.M.

6 Officers

Members shall hold elections to appoint Officers of DDK every two years. Chairman and Membership Secretary will not have to stand for re election and will only leave upon resignation. In principle the positions are as follows but additional Officer posts can be added at the discretion of the Officers. Chairman; Membership Secretary; Treasurer; Events Co-ordinator; Magazine Editor; Public Relations Officer.. Officers can be re-elected annually and there shall be no limit to the number of years they shall hold office. In the event of an Officer resigning, such resignation should presented in writing to the Committee preferably via the Chairman. An applicant for a Committee post should initially make contact with the Chairman, who would have a first 'interview' with him/her. Unless there was some problem following the 'interview the Chairman will circulate the Committee by email with available information on the applicant and his (the Chairman's) opinion/recommendation, seeking the Committee's opinion.

7 Resolutions

Resolutions to be considered by the Committee must be submitted in writing to the Secretary not less than 28 days before the date of the meeting at which they are to be considered or, for a resolution to be considered at an emergency meeting, submitted not less than 7 days before such a meeting. In the Area Secretaries) are to attend Committee Meetings and one third of all members at Special Meetings.

8 Funds

It is a requirement of the Club to have sufficient funds for the Club to be able to make purchases, pay fees, and to encourage the development and growth of DDK. Recording shall be the task of the Treasurer. All the Club expenditure shall be agreed by the Committee before payment, with the exception of postal costs, which are to be borne out of a cash float. All purchases/expenses must be supported and a written/printed receipt must be produced to the Treasurer in return for reimbursement.

9 Insurance

Unless otherwise arranged and notified, the DDK and its representatives cannot be held responsible for any damage, loss or injury incurred by a member attending or competing in any event organised by the DDK. Members competing in Club events must sign a standard form of indemnity excluding DDK and its Officers from all blame. Such a form is usually available from the event organisers, or their own insurers. The Rules are subject to review at any time, and are applied at the discretion of the Committee.

10 Sponsoring and Advertising

It shall be the aim of the Club to encourage sponsorship of DDK and its events by local and national organisations. Such sponsorship should be approved by the Committee before acceptance. The Committee must approve advertising any events of the DDK on all occasions. The name "DDK - Die Deutschen Klassiker" shall be the property of the members of the Club, and can only be used with the permission of the representatives of the Club, i.e.: the Committee.

11 Club Magazine, Forum and Other Publications

The official magazine of the DDK is currently untitled. The forum is located at www.ddk-online.com. The content of any written matter supplied or published by the DDK may not necessarily represent the views of the writer, the Editor, the Committee or the majority of members of the DDK. All official letters from the DDK must be written on the official headed paper.

12 Exclusion of Individuals from The Club

Any member who brings the Club into disrepute, or contravenes the rules of the DDK, shall bear the possibility of exclusion from DDK without refund of membership or return of fees. Any members subject to exclusion shall have the right to appeal to the Committee, and exclusion is at the discretion of the Committee.

13 Matters Not Provided For

The Committee, at its discretion, shall deal with any matters not provided for in the Constitution. Constitution agreed by Committee 02/01/04